Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The town I live in, Cheongdo, is famous for Korean bullfighting. This does not involve a bullfighter or any of the stabby staby thing.  It is simply two bulls ramming each other until one runs off. 

There is a beautiful newish 10,000 seat arena built exclusively for Bullfighting.  There are bullfighting logos everywhere and it is an event that garners a fair amount of national media.

The only problem with it is every person I asked here hates it and think it is cruel and should be banned.

We decided to go anyway and I found it, well, ok..not very exciting, not gruesome at all, just a couple of bulls banging heads for as little as twenty seconds and as long as 42 minutes.

There was a surprisingly cool little display of lit, inflated statues on a stream near our house leading up to the festival.

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Diane said...

love the art, not the bullfighting (though that seems more fair then the stabby stabby kind)