Monday, March 15, 2010


Somebody shattered two of our car's windows, and our sense of tranquility, while Sandy was at school today. Was it kids at the school having fun with rocks and things got out of control? Do some of the kids really not like studying English? Is there some dude who is unrelated to the school up to no good?  Will things get worse? can't understand the language, only understand the culture on the surface, do not understand  the customs? What do you do?  

The schools reaction was muted...seemed that they wanted to keep things very low key. Friends told me that you would not usually file a police report for something like this (this makes me wonder about the validity of crime statistics here).We have been treated so well by the people here and this shocked and shaken me.  

We decided to file a police report and the school will investigate I really hope it is kids being stupid, but I am finding it hard to accept this since it is two broken windows. 

Paranoia...hard to avoid when you do not understand anything.

A couple of kids admitted breaking one window, but they said they were not sure about the other.  The students gave some money to repair the windows and the teachers gave the rest.  We really did not want the teachers to do this, but they felt compelled out of a sense of obligation.

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