Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Old Project Update

I went to the project I worked on a couple of years ago and it was a bit discouraging at first.  The bathrooms had not been cleaned in a while and the monk decided to add a second floor onto the kitchen and dining room I built, so it was a mess too.  The clothes washing area and water tank were in surprisingly good shape.

At first I was a bit upset because things were not maintained.  Then, I looked at the kids and they looked great.  Their skin in the past was full of sores and they were filthy because they did not have a place to wash.  Their clothes were dirty to the point of being disgusting. Now there are no sores and the kids were in surprisingly clean clothes.

The reason I took on the project was to improving the health and living conditions of the kids.  They are markedly better than before I started the project, so on one level it is a success.  On the other hand, the place is really dirty and it was very discouraging to see it.

I talked to the monk about it, and he assured me he was fencing the area and then he would commence with a proper maintenance program. I will be shocked it that happens, but we will see.

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