Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mail Order Couples Happier than Korean Couples

An interesting story from today's paper reporting on a huge survey (73,000 respondents) of inter-cultural couples.  The focus of the article is the foreign brides are much younger than their husbands. Not sure this comes as a surprise to anyone.  What does surprise me is:.

  • They are happier with their marriages than Korean couples.  Over 50% of couples are happy with their  relationships which, according to the ministry that put the survey together, is higher than Korean couples.
  •  64% have graduated from high school. I do not know the graduation rate from each country, but that seems higher than I would have expected.

This is encouraging to me overall, but I still think that this is not sustainable and the government needs to take more action to get the male/female ratio in line and make it easier for rural men to find wives.

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