Monday, March 15, 2010

Health Care Updates

Since they are still debating the healthcare bill in the US, I thought I would give a couple of updates to our experience here.

My insurance rate has gone up $2 a month to $63 a month.

Two friends had to go in for serious medical tests.  One needed a cancer check.  She is from Canada and needs to reserve a slot 6 months in advance there (wow!).  She called for an appointment here and they said she could come in the next day.  It turns out she needs an operation and it will cost about $1400 with the insurance.

Another person went to the doctor and he thought she needed a series of tests that included all sorts of scans, x-rays, she was put under and got an endoscope check. The doctor made the call and the tests were done 12 hours later for about $100 including two prescriptions.

As I mentioned before, Korea spends 6% of GDP on Healthcare compared to 16% in the US and by many measures has a healthier population.  From my experience, access is excellent and afford ability is great.

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