Friday, March 26, 2010

The Smaller the Better

One of the first comments girls say to Sandy is, "You have such a small face!". Face size is really important in much of Asia. My wonderful small faced Korean sister-in-law explained it to me this way, "Who wants a big old Buddha face". I still smile when I recall that. Either way, beauty standards are different everywhere and there is no right or wrong.

A story in today's paper reports on a study where Koreans faces were measured and compared to Caucasian people's face size. The study reports that Koreans have smaller faces than Caucasians. What I find funny about this is:
  • it actually merits a study
  • they did not measure Caucasian face sizes, they relied on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency data. The EPA of all places!
  • the EPA's data was just a guess. According to the last paragraph of the story, facial sizes in the U.S. data were determined by taking the entire area of a person's head and deeming the face to take up one-third
  • The study was conducted by the Korean Food and Drug Administration
I am trying to decide if this is the silliest study I have ever read, or the shoddiest. It also makes me wonder about other studies done by the Korean Food and Drug Administration.

A funny sign I saw at  a dermatologist's office for a small face machine (I think),

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