Friday, January 12, 2007

An age old question answered

Last night I was getting ready to drive my bike from some meetings in a nearby city when I realized I had a flat tire. A man took me to the motorbike repair shop which was closed. He knocked on the door and they said they would repair the tire. Apparently, it had been happy hour for several hours because the men were quite drunk, so they sent their three boys out to try to fix the tire. No luck. So a drunk man came out and tried with limited success. Then, another one joined him. Finally, after one hour they said the bike was ready. Being aware of their drunken state I decided to do a quick check....brakes working...nope...tire full of air...nope. A few laughs, a few sorries, and a few minutes of work and I was on my way.

So the answer to the age old question, "How many drunks does it take to fix a tire? " 2 plus their 3 sons.

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