Thursday, January 18, 2007

It's Beautiful

I realized I never talk about how beautiful this area is. Every morning and evening the sunrises and sunsets are gorgeous. The lake is surrounded by mountains, some actually jagged cliffs, that are truly spectacular.


kelsoma said...

That is a beautiful picture, Steve. Happy New Year! AkeOme! How was Christmas break? Say hello to Sandy for me. Is she in America now?

steve said...

Sandy is in America and her mother is doing very well. Christmas was very good...spent part of the day with the Baan Unrak kids and some of the day at the temple. Right now there is a group of about 10 girls from Japan visiting Baan Unrak. They are there as volunteers as part of a university program. They are quite cute. I thought it was very funny that the most surprising thing here was the fact that toilets do not flush.