Friday, January 19, 2007

And you did not believe me

Some of you may not have believed my earlier post about 41 kids on a school bus/ pick-up truck. Once again, I risked my life to take a photo driving one handed down a road full of terrible drivers for your entertainment.


Anonymous said...

With you at the wheel, I'm sure you fit in well with the other drivers...The sunrise/sunset picture was really spectacular... I'm amazed with your patience in dealing with less than enthusiastic people on the bathroom project, where did you get all this patience from? What happened to old Steve?
Your mentor,Andy

steve said...

My answer to patience,whiskey! I wish it were so easy. I am patient because I know if I am not and get frustrated everyone will put up roadblocks. In other words, I am patient because I have no choice. Once you accept that you can not get frustrated the delays seem to be a little less upsetting. I must admit, I did lose my mind a little the other day when, after waiting 3 weeks for wood, they said they did not order enough.