Thursday, January 11, 2007

When to say "No"

The project at the temple started that I just wanted the kids to have food so they did not have to beg. Then, I thought they should be able to bathe and poop in a decent place too. Then, I thought they should be able to eat food that is prepared and served in a clean place. Now I want them to have clean clothes too.

The project started as searching for a food donor and bathrooms that would cost $2500. We made the bathrooms smaller and added a kitchen, finishing a dining room, a septic tank, two water storage tanks, a clothes washing area a clothes drying area. We are trying to make everything very durable and beautiful. Now the project costs about $4000. So far I have received about $1500. I really wanted to limit my own out of expense to $1000.

It is hard to know when to say "no". I want things to be right for the children. I do not want to leave here and feel like I left the children in a terrible situation. I guess I am going with the idea that somehow the money will come.

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