Sunday, January 28, 2007 good

The foreman of the crew that works on my project is a crusty sort of guy...does not like to do more than he needs to to get the basics done. He did not like the fact that I was trying to make everything beautiful and thus more difficult for him. There was a big stress between us initially.

One day he was trying to cut a piece of plastic with a crappy tool and I said I would get him something better. I ran across the street, spent $4 and got the perfect tool. He had a huge smile when I said, "present". I thought it was strange that he was so happy until I realized that $4 represents a days wages for him.

Somehow our relationship has gotten quite good. He has insisted on a couple of changes that were more work for him that I did not care about. We laugh together even though we can not communicate except for a handful of words beyond "good" or "no good".

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