Saturday, January 13, 2007

You have got to be kidding me!

I went to the temple this morning to help the children who were supposed to go and get the stones needed for the exterior finish of the project I am working on. The contractor was supposed to get a truck and the temple someone to watch the kids (we had a worker from the contractor on standby in case the temple did not follow through).

I got there and nobody was ready. Three hours later, the contractor says that instead of 400 baht it will cost 1800 baht. Then he says, next time we should start earlier. I lost my cool a bit and called a man at the temple and told him it was time for them to start helping a little on this project. I told him that they needed to find a person who has a truck and someone to watch the kids.

It is a terrible idea to get frustrated, but after the work being held up a week and a half because I could not get a monk to walk across the street for wood, I think I have become a bit frustrated.

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