Saturday, January 20, 2007

Gumpin' Part II

A month ago I drove my friend's truck 3.5 hours each way to Kanchanaburi to pick up a donation. I stopped at my dentist office to make an appointment (they do not speak English so it is easier to do it in person). In the waiting room I met David, a nice guy who happens to be the General Manager at the Felix Kwai River Resort ( a big gorgeous resort in Kanchanaburi. We got to talking and he said he was looking for a new project to help.

I just had a meeting with David and he gave me some good advice (especially useful is contacting hotels for sheets, towels and dishes since they change them out regularly) and has agreed to make a nice donation. He is going to try to provide some on going support as well. Once again, doing nothing special, I meet someone nice who will help out. I really am Forrest Gump in disguise.

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