Friday, January 19, 2007

Gumpin' it

I feel like I fall into so many good things on a continual basis. A couple of days ago I met a nice couple that were on a bike tour of SE Asia. It turns out they are journalist and they and they are interested in my little project and me. They came out to the home and took hundreds of beautiful picture (with the notable exception of the special hair thining lens that I am certain he has on his camera). They also interviewed me.

I really do not feel so special and the fact that seemingly intelligent people seem to think so is kind of astounding to me. Either way, really nice couple, good experience and with some more good fortune, maybe a big help to the children at the temple.


Andy said...

Hi Steve,

I also really like following your adventures, so thanks for maintaining the blog. I'm a new JET Programme participant, and hope that one day I might be able to help/contribute to the work you're doing.


steve said...

I am thrilled to hear your enjoying it. Without the JET program, I would not have had the chance to find out about the area. If you are interested in visiting, let me know and I can help!

Take Care,