Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Damn she is nasty

The house I live at is part of a small compound, one large house and my smaller house. The owners generally live in the large house. They are building a resort nearby and have been staying at it.

I went to the resort to visit their dog (I can not believe I am going out of my way to see that stupid dog). I started chatting with them and they said, " We are sorry for our sister-in-law. We treat her so well and she is always very angry. One day we had guests over for dinner and she thought we were making too much noise. She came outside where we were eating scolded us and slammed the door. We decided it would be better for us to stay here and let her stay at our house alone."

Well not exactly alone...I must see her angry face everyday. The angry woman (who Sandy calls "snarl face") speaks English, so I decided to be extra nice to her which seems to make her even more angry. It is kind of funny how so many people here avoid conflict but it seems a little extreme to abandon your house, even temporarily, to avoid a nasty woman.

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